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    The only new member


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    The only new member

    Post by vie-san on Tue May 27, 2014 6:45 am

    Kon'nichiwa minna-san , I'm just your typical average kind of teenager who does nothing but slack at home and just do nothing . lol just kidding . What I meant to say was I'm just your typical average teenager who loves anime.

    From the Philippines

    17 years of age

    College Student

    Hobbies are : Watching anime , reading/playing visual novels , reading light novels/mangas/anime magazine (otakuzine, anime recommendation etc.) and collecting anime figurines (not the nendoroid ones I don't have money for that lol)

    After checking the Members I guess I think i'm the only one who is new here (I feel kind of sad T.T), and I hope to get along with everyone *o*

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