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    How to advance to the next rank? [Plan]

    Onee-chan ツ

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    How to advance to the next rank? [Plan]

    Post by Onee-chan ツ on Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:31 pm

    This is a plan regarding on 'how to advance to the next rank'

    Example; Freshmen -> Sophomore -> Junior -> Senior -> ??? -> ???

    The answer is... Exams and Otakupoints and or Otakupation~

    You'll pay Otakupoints for the exam sheet, and you must have sufficient Otakupation in order to take the exam.

    Other than that, YOU MUST obviously pass the exam in order to advance cheers 

    When is the starting of exams?

    1 week before next month or so~

    So everyone must be vigilant on the incoming exams and announcement.

    What if I missed the exam?

    Then wait for the next exam to come Twisted Evil 


    You'll be able to choose from the following courses:

    BA Anime, Specialization in Anime and Manga

    BA Anime Arts (it says it all - digital and or hand drawing are welcome)

    More coming soon~ If you have any ideas regarding the exam or courses Just comment down~

    So far, this is just a plan - Comments suggestions? Just comment down~


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